How to Add Events

Procedure for adding events is as follows.

  1. Events can be added by clicking the Add Events button in the REP Calendar Portlet, located in Events:
  2. Enter the Event title in the Title field.
  3. Add a brief description in the Summary field.
  4. Enter the event's location in the Location field.
  5. Add any other information that you may have (Contact Name, Email, etc). This is not required but may be useful to your viewers.
  6. Add a web address (URL) in the Event URL field.
  7. Add any additional information in the Text field.
  8. Add date and time in the Event Starts and Event Ends fields.
  9. Add the speaker's name and any other attendees in the Attendees field.
  10. Add any tags in the Categorization tab.
  11. Add a copyright statement (if available) in the Ownership tab, Rights field.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Publish when ready from the State menu.