How to Add News Articles From External Sources

Procedure for adding news articles that come from external sources is as follows. Most important are steps taken to avoid copyright infringement.

News items should be added in the News Inbox

  1. Use the News Item content type from the Add New drop down menu.
  2. Use the news article's full title.
  3. If the news article has an obvious description, use it in the Summary field. Otherwise, search for some text in the article that will suffice.
  4. In the Text field, start with a link that states "Original Source" and links back to the article. Add a paragraph or two of the article, but do not paste the full article. At the end of the Text field, add a link that states "Read more..." and links back to article.
  5. Use a screen shot of the article as the Lead Image. In the screenshot, if possible, include the article's title, the article's image, the author's name, and the date. Do not take an image directly from the article.
  6. Add any tags in the Categorization tab of the News Item (located on top of the New Item).
  7. In the Ownership tab, add the article's author's name in the Contributors field. Add the article's copyright statement in the Rights field. You can usually find the copyright statement in the footer of the article's web page.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Publish when ready using the State menu.