New Resource - "Status of Power System Transformation 2018"

The International Energy Agency recently released a new report titled "Status of Power System Transformation 2018: Advanced Power Plant Flexibility".

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of different power plant technologies to provide system flexibility. The authors provide an updated framework to categorize flexibility at the power plant level, moving away from historic definitions of "baseload" and "peaking" plants towards a more system-focused categorization based on "energy volume" and "energy option" contributions. The report also details various options to enable power plants to provide more flexibility to the power system, both through physical retrofits and through regulatory and market interventions. Additionally, the authors provide detailed information about how to take stock of power system flexibility in order to inform investment decisions. The report concludes with a discussion of policy options for policymakers to improve power plant flexibility under different market contexts. 

Click here to download the report and related publications.