Webinar: Smart Grids & Energy Storage - Finding Solutions for Caribbean Electric Utilities in a Pandemic

The Caribbean Electric Utilities Services Corporation (CARILEC) invites you to join the premiere of the 2020 Resilient Power Webinar Series where we showcase the energy leadership of Caribbean professionals in the electricity industry. In the last decade, the Caribbean faces disruption at an unprecedented scale, such as pandemics, droughts, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Women and men across the region are working to manage the risk of disaster and implement new technologies to build resilience. In the face of disruption, the series explores how we build back better. The series objectives are 1) to prepare utilities for the 2020 hurricane season during COVID-19; 2) to illustrate resilient power systems operation and critical infrastructure planning; 3) to foster multi-sector collaboration and coordination for disaster risk management; 4) to explore new business models and utility investments for grid modernization and renewable energy; 5) to examine critical professional development opportunities in the Caribbean energy sector. In episode 1, we demonstrate why data-driven planning is necessary for establishing a resilient energy infrastructure. The Jamaica Public Services Corporation (JPS) will share how their smart grid is helping to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 as well as operational lessons from the utility’s new hybrid flywheel/Lithium-ion energy storage system commissioned in 2019.