Quick Reads

We developed these quick reads on cutting edge technical topics related to power sector resilience that are of particular interest and relevance to our stakeholders.

They each tackle an individual topic and piece together a holistic approach to power sector resilience planning.

Renewable Energy to Support Energy Security

Jun 19, 2020 File

Renewable energy plays an important role in supporting energy security through contributing to the protection and continued provision of energy services when a ...

Кибербезопасность и распределенные энергетические ресурсы (Russian Version)

Jun 19, 2020 File

Russian translation of the Cybersecurity and Distributed Energy Resources Quick Read.

Cybersecurity and Distributed Energy Resources

Apr 08, 2020 File

This fact sheet addresses cybersecurity for distributed energy resources (DERs) and identifies best practices in cybersecurity governance, technical management ...

Renewable Energy to Support Energy Security

Jan 24, 2020 Link

Renewable energy plays an important role in supporting energy security through contributing to the protection and continued provision of energy services when a ...

Cross-Border Power Trade to Support Resilience

Dec 31, 2019 File

Cross-border power trade can support public interest goals such as better grid resilience, increased energy access, economic development, and other power ...

Finance for Power Sector Resilience

Dec 10, 2019 File

Many countries and cities are considering and planning for power sector resilience through undertaking vulnerability assessments and developing resilience ...

Valuing Resilience in Electricity Systems

Nov 19, 2019 File

Recent natural disasters resulting in long-duration power outages have highlighted the United States’ increasing dependence on electricity, as well as the ...

The Resilient Energy Platform

Oct 31, 2019 File

Developed through the USAID-NREL Partnership, the Resilient Energy Platform is a website that provides expertly curated resources, training materials, data, ...

Understanding Power System Threats and Impacts

Sep 20, 2019 File

Understanding potential threats to a power system is an essential first step in supporting power sector resilience. It is important to assess both current and ...

Valuing Adaptation and Resilience Interventions in the Power Sector

Sep 06, 2019 File

By 2040, the global power sector will require an estimated $30 trillion in investment to keep pace with current trends and achieve the Sustainable Development ...

Mini-Grids and Climate Resilience

Sep 06, 2019 File

Reliable and affordable energy can drive economic growth, development, and improved health and security. Yet communities in remote locations often lack access ...

Power Sector Resilience: Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning

Sep 06, 2019 File

Various threats—natural, technological, and human-caused—can compromise the safety, reliability, and affordability of power delivery. Among these threats is ...

Power Sector Resilience: Flexible Adaptation Pathways

Sep 06, 2019 File

Power sector planners routinely make investments in major assets (e.g., power plants, substations) with expected operational lives lasting 30 years or more. ...

Institutional Solutions to Enhance Power Sector Resilience

Jun 07, 2019 File

How will power system operators, personnel, and end users react during a major disruption? Will system operations adapt to changing conditions and recover ...

PLANIFICACIÓN DE UN SECTOR ENERGÉTICO RESILIENTE: Cómo asegurar electricidad confiable, segura y asequible (Spanish Translation)

May 17, 2019 File

Planning a Resilient Power Sector: Ensuring Reliable, Secure, Safe, and Affordable Electricity (Spanish translation)

Power Sector Resilience Technical Solutions

May 15, 2019 File

Clean energy technical solutions can enhance resilience across the grid system to help provide more reliable and resilient power to end users. Several ...

Valuing the Resilience Provided by Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems

May 13, 2019 File

Placing a value on the benefits provided by solar with storage during grid outages can significantly impact project economics and system design. This paper ...

Distributed Energy Planning for Climate Resilience

May 13, 2019 File

This fact sheet compiles nest practices, lessons learned, and solutions for implementing distributed energy for resilience, based on analytical and technical ...

Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Hurricanes and Other Severe Weather

Apr 22, 2019 Link

Field examinations of hurricane damaged photovoltaic systems have revealed important design, construction, and operational factors that greatly influence a ...

Planning a Resilient Power Sector

Apr 11, 2019 File

The provision of reliable, secure, and affordable electricity is essential to power economic growth and development. The power system is at risk from an array ...