Webinar Recording: Cybersecurity Incident Response

How can utilities reduce impacts from a cybersecurity attack and get back to business quickly after an incident? To find out, USAID, CARILEC & NREL hosted this webinar on incident response as a building block for energy cybersecurity.

Responding to a cyber incident is a complicated, sensitive process. Even in the best circumstances, the time following an attack will be chaotic as staff struggle to understand what has happened, why it happened, the impact on the business, and the best way to restore business functions. Utilities should prepare their responses in advance; otherwise, the cyberattack will likely last longer and do more damage as utility staff scramble to formulate an ad hoc response.

This webinar, which is part of a series on cybersecurity, focuses on planning for a cybersecurity breach incident and building a response strategy beforehand, which is critical to reducing chaos and restoring operations quickly.